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So with 2017 drawing near to it’s end and you know, ’tis the season to be giving, we wanted to look back at how Japsnoet started and what we gave away this year!

We had a vision to start this family-run company with one big BANG! And so we went out and made that happen. We set out on a journey in early September, a journey (competition) to give away one of our modern cots!

The competition had over 500 entries and thousands of shares! Now to be honest, we had a little bit of a technical meltdown and we were forced to print out each and every comment, cut them up and then do a manual lucky draw. It took us a whole afternoon, but hey we’re not complaining! Don’t believe us? Well, we have proof, please see exhibit A below:

Okay, so then we had to get someone to actually draw a name, so we went over to granny’s house and had her draw a name to announce in August!

Winner Announcement Cot Give Away August 2017

Posted by Japsnoet on Thursday, 31 August 2017

We had made promises to deliver the cot personally to any location that the winner specified, so that’s also what we did!

Lucky Draw Cot delivery

We delivered the Cot to our lucky draw winner Princess Malele on Thursday afternoon. Here is what happened.Thanks again for all the participants.remember to keep an eye on our Facebook Page — Japsnoet for our range of Kids Furniture & Cot's#Winner #Japsnoet #LuckyDraw #BabyCot #FreeGiveAway #LuckyMommy #Thankful

Posted by Japsnoet on Tuesday, 12 September 2017

So the cot that we gave away is available on our shop.

It’s called our “Practical Cot”, for practical reasons of course. This wooden cot boasts with three drawers and two shelves for packing space as can be seen below. It’s the perfect storage solution for any nursery!

wooden cot, compactum

Practical Cot Giveaway

You can view and buy this cot right here, and remember the price you see is the final price you’ll be paying. No worries over courier fees, because we got you covered with free courier anywhere in South Africa!


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