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We have been trading for just over 5 months and we couldn’t be happier about how far we’ve come!

Firstly, welcome to Japsnoet’s new home! We are thrilled that you have decided to come check out our website and online shop!

Let me just take a second to mention that all our products on our shop are couriered all over South Africa at no charge to you! How awesome is that? The price you see, is the price you pay!

Japsnoet started out as a small idea around a dinner-table . After an announcement was made that our family was going to be getting a brand new member in February. It goes without saying that we were thrilled and started talking about honing all our skills in the wood and carpentry industry to make the perfect nursery.

We gathered around and designed a few classic pieces and started making them, on completion we decided that the products are of such high quality that we could start selling these items to other families looking to make their little one’s nursery perfect.

Our range includes locally manufactured wooden cots, chairs, rocking chairs and table sets. We are looking at expanding our product range within the next 6 months!

So that’s how we started, wondering who’s voice is behind this blog post? I’m Sumarie, the youngest of three children and in control of all things technological over here at Japsnoet.

Lanie (a.k.a. the mom) is in control of the carpentry and the quality control to make sure all our clients get the very best from us. But you can read all about us over on our About page.

So now that we’ve introduced ourselves, we hope that you’ll stick around long enough to go check out our awesome products!

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You can also follow us on social media, we are two busy bodies and we love sharing the journey with all of our customers!


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