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The new year has brought new opportunities and people into our personal lives, and into our business. While we were starting out our business we became quite fond of a particular South African mommy blogger, she represented everything we wanted for our brand.

Family, friendliness, style and pro-activeness.

That is why we are so happy to announce that Mandy-Lee Miller from Pregnant in Cape Town and Ever After is our brand ambassador!

So this lovely lady is not only a mom but also a well known blogger and activist. You can find her on the following platforms spreading her love and wisdom:

And believe me, you’re going to be seeing her (and her work) all over the place in the years to come!

Japsnoet is so excited about this that we sent her a Toddler Rocking chair made out of solid pine. This rocking chair is scaled down to make it the perfect size for comfort for toddlers!

What Mandy had to say about our product:

“We LOVE Japsnoet and their friendly team! The service and follow up has been wonderful. We adore our toddler rocking chair. The attention to detail is excellent and we particularly adore the logo! My 3 year old spends many hours sitting in it to “read” or watch shows. It was the most PERFECT prop for our Christmas themed photoshoot and it looks too perfect sitting next to our Christmas tree! Thank you so much for choosing Charly to represent your brand. We are incredibly proud to be associated with this family business 


toddler furniture , rocking chair

Wooden rocking chair

This specific rocking chair was sent in it’s “raw” form, with no stain or paint coating. The Japsnoet Rocking chair can be ordered with any type of colour or stain that your heart desires, or as seen in the picture below. It could also work as a great DIY (Do it yourself) project if you’d like to hand-paint it to suit your little one’s room!

Japsnoet wooden rocking chair

Plain “Raw” wood rocking chair

Each rocking chair is branded with our unique Japsnoet logo, it’s laser-cut to ensure that the logo will  stay in tact no matter how many times the chair is used, moved and painted! The engraving is also a sign of authenticity, which means you can rest easily knowing that your chair has been hand-crafted with the highest quality materials!

Additionally you can order a handmade soft seat to go with your toddler chair as seen below: 

Toddler wood rocking chair furniture

Wooden Nursery Rocking Chair

You can *ROCK ON OVER* to our online shop and get this awesome toddler rocking chair for only R495.00 incl. courier nationwide!

Buy your own Toddler Wooden Rocking Chair here:




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