Japsnoet was created around a table at a family dinner. As a family of entrepreneurs we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to implement our passions into a business.

When the middle-child announced that there will soon be a “Japsnoet” in the family we started talking about all the ways in which we could use our carpentry skills to make a few products for the nursery. And that is the just of it, we won’t bore you with all the details but the idea grew and grew until we all got so excited that we decided that this is what we want to do. Making mommies and kids happier with high-end products designed and manufactured by people that have a passion for what they’re doing.

The people that make things happen:

Lanie Steenkamp

Lanie aka “The Mom” has a solid track record of entrepeneurship.
She built her own furniture component manufacturing business from scratch and stuck to it for 15 years. The business supplied major companies like Game, Hyperramas and other shops.
The business had to close down because of severe fires in the region which led to a lack of raw materials.

From there on out she pursued her career within the wood industry and worked as a production manager assistant for the largest plywood manufacturer in South Africa.

Now she finds herself in this new venture that we now know as Japsnoet. Her knowledge and skills are exceptional when it comes to anything wood-related which is why we are positive that our product’s quality are always top notch!

Sumarie Steenkamp

I am the youngest daughter of the family. After school I pursued a career within the information technology sector, to be more specific, I worked as a graphic and web designer for 3 years in my brother-in-law’s business (I told you we’re literally a family of entrepreneurs). I loved working with the various social media platforms and the ever-changing online world.
I also study Psychology through UNISA with the hopes of one day becoming a qualified Counselling Psychologist.
Because of my background I am head of all things technological at Japsnoet, and love doing this every day.

We are blessed to have the same vision and mission for Japsnoet : To make mommie’s and kid’s lives prettier, more practical and provide products that will hppefully create memories that will last for a lifetime…


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